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Let Us Showcase Your Property!

Should I stay or should I go when my home is showing?

Gently put, most agents say that when potential homebuyers come to see your home, it’s best that you leave the premises.

Perspective buyers don’t want to see owners hovering or milling about. When they do, they get uncomfortable and feel as if they are intruding. This often causes buyers to look quickly without gaining a proper feel for the home.

The reason sellers give for sticking around is that they believe home shoppers won’t be able to find everything, and the sellers want to point out the important features. Another is that owners feel they can help “sell” the property by talking about the positives.

Rest assured your real estate agent is well trained in showcasing your home, and in reading buyers and knowing when it’s best to relay information to them. If you bombard a seller with too much information all at once, you are going to leave a less-favorable impression. You might even hurt your cause by calling attention to something buyers aren’t interested in.

Let buyers discover your home’s features themselves at their own pace.

Some sellers choose to wait outside in their car or on the patio, which is better, but still not ideal. Again, if prospective buyers feel like they are being rushed they are going to move on to the next property on their list quickly.

Face it, there are some parts of selling a home that can be challenging and vacating the home is at the top of that list—especially when there are kids to care for, dinners to cook and work to be done.

However, you want buyers to spend as much time as they want in your home, envisioning the possibility of living there someday. So go to a neighbor’s home, the library or shopping. The inconvenience will be worth it in the long run.

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Better Recycling

A household recycling bin issued by the local ...

A household recycling bin issued by the local council (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Realty Times Feature Article by Carla Hill

Are you looking for better ways to make your household “green”? If so, you’re part of a growing number of Americans who are demanding green homes, products, and foods.

Green living can be a great way to save money, safeguard health, and respect Mother Earth. It’s truly a win-win-win. Although the EPA estimates that 75 percent of solid waste is recyclable, only about 30 percent is actually recycled. Are you doing it right? Can you do it better?

The benefits of recycling are far reaching. The EPA reports that:

  • Recycling protects and expands US manufacturing jobs and increases US competitiveness. 
  • Recycling reduces the need for landfilling and incineration. 
  • Recycling prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials
  • Recycling saves energy.
  • Recycling decreases emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global climate change.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources such as timber, water, and minerals.
  • Recycling helps sustain the environment for future generations. HouseLogic.com reports that to be a smart recycler you need to know how the process works. For instance, “If you drink from a plastic bottle, remove the twist-off cap and ring. They aren’t recyclable. In fact, bottles that arrive at recycling centers with the caps still on often are trashed. It’s too much work for the center’s employees to remove every cap, so do your part and remove them.” That means all your hard work would be wasted! The good news? It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to be a smart recycler. Here are some great tips on how to be a top-notch recycler in your house:


  • Rinse. Be sure to rinse out all cans and bottles before you toss them in the recycling bin. Think of it this way: you are preparing these items for recycling, not the landfill. It might take a little extra time. If you have an item that has lots of food residue you can’t remove, however, then it may be best to just toss it. Residue can literally “gum up the works” at the recycling center.
  • Remove Labels. Take a few extra seconds to remove labels from all bottles and cans.
  • Coordinate. Take a few moments to talk with your local recycling center about what issues they often see, what types of plastics they accept (so you know what triangle symbol to be on the lookout for), and of course what they don’t accept. Every center is different! The average person creates about 1.5 tons of trash each year. Take a few extra seconds each day to prep your recycling and you’ll be going a long ways in reducing your carbon footprint.

Homeowners Advice: Ready for Fall

September 14, 2012 — Realty Times Feature Article by Carla Hill

Fall is just around the corner. All homes require maintenance. To retain your home’s best value, it’s important to stay on top of projects and repairs, both large and small. Seasonal maintenance is a great way to be sure new issues are quickly addressed.

Small repairs may seem insignificant, but letting them add up over time means an overwhelming list down the road.

Take a personal inventory of repairs that need to be addressed. These could range from paver stones that need replaced in a patio to a large-scale roof replacement. Walk your home from top to bottom and make a list of issues.

Look for paint that needs retouched, tiles that need grouted, loose or scuffed baseboards, broken screens, squeaky doors, and everything in-between.

Budget and prioritize what can be addressed now, what needs a professional to fix, and what needs to wait for available funds.

Fall is also the time of year to prepare your home for Winter. It is much easier to install storm windows during temperate weather than during a blizzard!

Be sure to address each of these issues each Fall:

  • Call the HVAC guy: Your unit has been working hard all Summer during this brutal heatwave. Now is a great time to service your unit before the hard work of Winter.
  • Check and clean chimney: Dirty chimneys cause hundreds of home fires every year. Be sure to have a professional clean and inspect your chimney each Fall.
  • Clean the gutters: It’s not just about appearances, though clean gutters do look better. A clogged gutter system can back-up water on your roof and cause leaks.
  • Yard maintenance: Be sure to rake leaves and pick up downed limbs during Fall. Empty and put away flower pots. Address flower beds and put down new mulch for a clean appearance. 
  • Prepare Winter Equipment: Put away your lawn mower (yay!) and service your chainsaw, snowblower, and other fun winter tools. It’s better to know now that a tool isn’t working than to discover this on a day you need it! Fall is a great time to address the needs of your property…all in beautiful weather. Take an inventory of your home’s needs and be sure to follow through with proper home maintenance. Your home’s value will thank you.
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